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I absolutely LOVED the Message Of A Master!

Thank you so much for sending it to me.  I feel like it has definitely been a part of the process I've been going through for the last few years, and now......its actually happening!

Thanks again,
~ Sarah


"I have manifested the new car that I have wanted, within this week!" 

I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing The Message of a Master with me. I read it for the first time about one week ago and have already had amazing success. Within this week I have manifested the new car that I have wanted and needed for such a long time. I have been driving a car that is in such bad shape that it would not pass the safety inspection that expired six months ago. I am now driving a lovely Chev Malibou where previously I was driving my falling apart, illegal 1994 Firefly!

I also have a second part time job in the field I had only dreamed about working in before! Oh yes did I forget to tell you that with the new car I got a FREE 27" television, which will now replace the 19" one that belonged to someone else? I have believed for a long time that one could manifest the life they chose, but I had been having a hard time getting the process down pat. This book has changed my life. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

With great thanks and love,
~ E.S.

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Thank you for making this e-book available free it is a wonderful gift and I
will pass it on to my friends.
~ C.F.    

..Just a note to say  thank you for your encouraging and positive insights and advice, I am starting to think differently therefore coming out of negative expectation which has dogged me all of my life as that is all I have experienced,.......Now I am taking charge!! thanks once again Tenzin
~ K.B.

Hello & Thank you for the Message of a Master! I've been on "the path" for a long time and have read the message of a master several times since down loading it.... tonight I read the last half again... and behold the message resonated clearly again so very clearly to me.  
  Blessings and thank you
  ~ Laura

 I am grateful and sure that the Universe sent this to me because I already was using it without knowing it and some of the pitfalls to teh accomplishment of the goal are not illuminated so that success in imminent and exciting. Brightest Blessings, to you for your sharing the secret.....
Thank You!
~ C.L.    

Hi dear Tenzin, I'm really very grateful for these inspiring emails. They are touching me and helping me to understand my inner self more every time I receive your mail. I become calmer and less agitated. I used to think that life is harsh on us, but after reading "The Message Of A Master", I realized I was wrong. I was so restless before then... Wish you the best always!
~ L.S.


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